Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Social Media Ready

"Tweet", "Followers", "Fan Page","Blog", "Re-tweet". How are you, as a business moving forward? Social Media is your answer. In this discussion, I'm going to be providing different kinds of strategies on how to bring your site more to life, by making your site more social media friendly and boosting your bottom line...

Social Media platforms are where you want to be. Why is that you ask? Because this is where your customers and your future customers are. You want them to make you part of what their talking about, sharing your URL with their followers by keeping your presence alive. Now keep in mind, if you want to bring your presence forward. You need to also present yourself on your site.

Networking Icons -- You can find several sites that provide embeddable code. That will help you to create social networking icons that you can embed on your site. What you are providing to your visitors, is an easy way for them to share your site with their followers.


ShareThis -- Is a great tool, you install this tool on your site. It will make it easier for your visitors to share your site with their network. For Example: Have you seen websites, particularly news sites that have share icons lined up vertical to the side of their site or grouped together under their header. More than likely they are using Share This ( or something similar like Add This ( Bottom Line: Having this tool installed on your site, will allow your visitors to be able to share your content easier with their followers.

Lijit -- This is the opposite to Share This or Add This, so instead of pushing your visitors out to the different social media sites. You will be pulling them to your site ( This is also a must have in the world of all things social...


Overall, Social Media is the next generation of business engagement. You need to always stay abreast of what your visitors/customers are talking about. This will help you to bring awareness to your product or brand. Please keep in mind this will take time, and in time you will see results by proper planning.

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