Saturday, March 23, 2013

Social Media

What is Social Media? What large corporations already know, to what small businesses need to know. You need to become more integrated, especially when everyday people are carrying the goldmine to social media in their own pocket or purses (Cell phones). This is crucial, you need to be the next consumer product everyone is talking about. Jump on the ride before it's to late...

Social Media is a must have-solution to all things marketing. A lot of small businesses that are out there today, think they already know the meaning to social media. By just signing up for Facebook or Twitter, this is not at all what social media marketing is about. These two trends have an exact force that creates the everyday person that is searching for old friends to new friends. Now how do you, as the small business get the attention of those everyday people?

Market Yourself:

You need to brand yourself, once you have learned the importance of branding, then you need to target a specific market. You will then need to learn, how not to sell to your potential audience in your market segment. You need to think outside the box. That being said, stop thinking of the more traditional ways to advertise your individual products. Mainstream media is a thing of the past and social media is the thing of the future.

Two-Way Media:

Think two-way media, work towards those marketing techniques that will catch that potential customer. You need to create a proposal that will hook that potential customer. Get into the habit of thinking Social Media, this will become your platform to all things great.

Greed-Factor Marketing:

You will soon find out that many people are all about the greed (what's in it for me?). Example: Have you ever walked into a store and they are offering free samples or giveaways?  That is to pull the potential customer into buying that product with the hopes of creating a lasting customer.

Overall, social media is the way to spread messages out to the web enabled consumer. Keep in mind that your audience is spread among multiple social platforms. Get accustomed to well over three billion and counting people that are connected to these social media platforms.

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