Sunday, March 24, 2013

LinkedIn For Small Businesses

Were you aware that LinkedIn is universal and has well over 150 million members? As a small business owner, LinkedIn is one of the most crowd-pleasing ways to grow your network. There are plenty of ways to communicate with other professional small business owners. 

LinkedIn gives you a lot of free tools when it comes to creating your profile. If you make your profile private, only half of your profile page will show when someone is searching for your business. If you want to make your business public, this will allow for that individual to see your full profile page.

Tip #1: When creating your LinkedIn profile, complete the whole entire page. This is starting to become a common mistake, people will move on if your profile page is not complete.

Tip #2: Make sure you add your website or blog to your profile, this will help to generate traffic to your individual sites.

Tip #3: Have you ever heard of Product Tabs? You, as the small business owner need to show your onlookers that you are a professional small business, by providing them with a menu of your product line or services. Help your business by not leaving this portion blank.

One of the other wonderful things for small business owners like yourself is joining LinkedIn groups. Make yourself known through groups, join them and become present. This is all about boosting your small business popularity and making yourself visible to the world.

Work towards showcasing yourself and your company.

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